Rehab is a drug or alcohol treatment programme that is provided in a residential place. Rehab provides a programme of support and care that aims people who experience difficulties in abstaining from alcohol or drugs. There are various types of treatment offered at a rehab center for example we have residential treatment and support groups. Residential treatments are usually indoors, the patient is taken in for a couple of weeks and they are taken through treatment and counseling.


Residential treatment at is really beneficial as one is kept away from bad influence that may lead to them relapsing. Support groups are also good, one is able to meet with other people who are going through the same thing as them and it really helps them as they know they have a really good support system. They usually meet once a week or even every day and they get to talk about the challenges they go through as they fight being sober. Unlike residential treatment which is usually at a home or institution, support groups are usually held in churches, government halls or public centers.


Both treatments are very beneficial as one is provided with care and a lot of counseling that substance user needs the most. Going to rehab is really beneficial as one is based at a really well structured place. When one joins an in patient programme one is unlikely to access drugs easily and their minds are focused in other beneficial things which help them not to relapse as they do not think about the drugs. When one is at the rehabilitation they are kept far away from negative influence. An inpatient has limited phone calls and not just any one can go visiting them and it is only for a few hours and only on weekends thus keeping away people who may trigger or encourage their addiction. For more information, you may also visit



The patients usually has a very strong support system as they attend counseling all the time and they constantly have a well trained and experienced team monitoring their progress the whole day until the treatment is over. One is also able to focus on them selves; about their choices and what they want in life but mostly they are able to focus on their own recovery without any distraction or stress of their daily life and activities. A person also makes good sustainable friend while in rehab as they support each other in their recovery which is their main goal while they undergo the treatment at